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DTPA Room 6

Extension Learning for Room 6,

Fifth Grade Scholars,

Desert Trails Preparatory Academy

Adelanto, CA


 Assignments for Extension Classes

Stay Organized and Stay Connected

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Assignments  Daily

Assignments will be posted daily on the Room 6 website. Each assignment will be labeled with subject and website. Assignments a do be complete the day assigned. If longer completion time is required a due date for completion will be added. Please notify teacher to access any usernames or passwords that may be needed to complete assignment. Yes, there may be homework to be completed and also reading logs will be assigned.

Tests and Projects

Tests will be announced a week prior to administration. Some tests may need to be proctored or supervised while being completed by scholars. While projects are expected to be followed along the given timelines for completion and presentation requirements.

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Get in touch for more information.


Assignment Schedule 

Topics for April3rd  learning session:

  • Write assignment for the day in planner. Get parent signature daily. 

  • Check in with Mr. K through email or Remind  by 10:00 each morning.

  • Unit I:Journal  - 5 - 10 min

  • Journal Topic - What is your favorite drink?

  • Unit II: Writing -  My Spring Break 2020 (Prewrite, Draft, Edit, Revise and Publish- Narrative)   30 min   

  • Completed Narrative Essay due 4/3  (today)

  • Publish = 5 or more paragraphs, written neatly, with indentations and properly punctuated. (ELA tab resource)

  • Unit III: Language -  Duolingo website, click on French, work on lessons  (10 min) no profile needed      www.Duolingo

  • Unit IV:  - Math - Prodigy - Mr. K needs to Battle.     (15 min)

  • Unit V - P.E. - Stretch(5 min) ,  Run in place (5 min)  Push-ups  (5 min)

  • Unit VI: Create a picture of a Sunset or Sunrise.  Use any resources you have available. Title picture sunrise or sunset. Each picture should  have correct colors and a compass rose. If possible share picture on remind or email. (Due  by April 6)

  • Unit VII - Reading Log - Homework Read for twenty minutes, How was today's reading like another story you previously read? 


  • Writing - all papers (prewite - publish) - keep in Homework Folder. Keep reading logs in reading log folder. Work packet from 3/16 - 3/20  keep in OLD  Work Pocket. 


Contact Me

For enquiries about me or my class, get in touch today, use the Remind App or email me with a heading ROOM 6.

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